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Renshel Exports Pvt. Ltd.
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Highest Export Award for year 2007-08

Welcome To Renshel – The world’s leading manufacturers of Shellac and related products.

We are different. What makes us different is our long heritage in the Shellac industry. We are the fifth generation in this business, understanding the industry inside out. We have set the highest standards for ourselves in the manufacturing of Shellac (also known as Schellack, Gomme Laque or Goma Laca), Aleuritic Acid and related products. We take pride in being different.


Our mission is to consistently deliver quality Shellac products and develop long standing relationships with companies around the world.

Product Range

We use high grade raw material to manufacture a wide range of products like:

  • Dewaxed Flake Shellac
  • Hand Made Shellac
  • Standard One Shellac
  • Machine Made Lemon Shellac
  • Machine Made TN (MMTN) Shellac
  • Shellac Wax
  • Aleuritic Acid
  • Confectioners Glaze

Infrastructural Set Up

Our robust infrastructure, equipped with advanced equipment and technology, ulta modern and fully equipped laboratory, state-of-the-art warehouses and efficient delivery system, supports us to fulfill our commitment to our clients. To streamline the ordering and supply processes, we have divided our infrastructural set up into Manufacturing, Quality Checking, Warehousing and Delivery units. Our very own warehouses are located in the USA, Germany and India, enabling us to keep supply lines intact. Two manufacturing units are located at Purulia in the state of West Bengal, India while the corporate office is in Kolkata, India. We have the capacity to undertake the smallest to the largest order sizes and package consignments as specified by our clients.


We are a recognized name in the Shellac industry worldwide. We have been certified the Largest Exporter of Shellac From India for the years 2006-7, 2007-08, 2008-09 and the Second Largest Exporter of Shellac From India for 2009-10 by the Government of India. We are duly recognized as an Export House by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

Fulfilling Statutory Requirements

Our refined Shellac, sourced from the natural material, satisfies the requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopoei (EUR Ph), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and E 904. It includes our range of colorless, wax free grades of shellac which is a standard for the shellac industry. Alcoholic and aqueous solutions of Shellac are manufactured specially for the pharmaceutical and confectionery industry.

Why Us?

We have adopted ethical business policies since our inception, which have helped us make rapid strides in the business. Some key factors which have been behind our enviable position are:

  • High consistent quality products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Superlative service and support
  • Worldwide warehousing of high quality products
  • On-time delivery of consignments
  • Ever growing global clientele